Susan M, Johannesburg

I think Vanessa is heaven-sent for those who are ready to learn about their life path. (On the mentoring programme) I learned or rather experienced some life’s hardest lessons under her guidance. I came to understand more about my Divine Path. For the first time in my life, I understand me. With Vanessa’s guidance I now have the courage to fulfill my soul purpose. I can now spread my wings and contribute to the Divine, healing Mother Earth and bringing...
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Desiree S, Johannesburg

I did the Aura Workshop with Vanessa, which helped me with interpretation and seeing beyond colour alone. Seeing and feeling different dimensions of life and realizing that we are part of the Oneness....
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La F, Johannesburg

I just wanted to say that you have changed my life (through the Aura Workshop and on-going mentoring) by giving me the confidence to trust myself which made me reach my potential. ‘V’, I trust you with my life! ...
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Tracey F, Meyerton

I started seeing V in April 2006and am now a changed person. I was desperately hanging on to a relationship hoping it would make me happy, only to learn that I am responsible for my own happiness. I have met and learned to work with the angels; what an experience! Also finding my life purpose has given me a new experience of my life. V is a wonderful mentor and has not only helped me, but my family as well....
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Jeffrey H, Johannesburg

It has been a wonderful journey with you, being exposed to your teachings, thank you!...
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Ann M, Johannesburg

Vanessa is very insightful and sees aura as well as issues affecting your life. I have learned to trust these insights and always try to apply them in my life. Vanessa is highly intuitive and in touch with the angelic realm and only gives positive feedback to encourage one to go forward....
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Wayne D, Johannesburg

(On the mentoring programme) Vanessa allows one to see how working in the NOW creates your reality, as a pillar of subconscious grounding and constant re-aligning of one’s life on a high level of spiritual and mental focus. Mentor and a true friend....
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Ferne LR, Johannesburg

In a money-driven, fast-paced world, it is easy to loose sight of what is real and what is not. Our priorities become driven by material needs. Only when we choose to shift our focus do we find ourselves on a path of self-awareness and change. Some of us are fortunate to find rare and amazing people on this journey of self-discovery. In my life walk, Vanessa is my rare and amazing person. She holds the space in absolute respect for...
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Annaleze B, Johannesburg

I can honestly say that Vanessa is one of the nicest people I have ever met. (Through the mentoring programme) you really helped me to become a more positive and self-loving person. You helped me see and appreciate all the everyday gifts in my life and to stand up for myself. Thank you and God bless....
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Zanele , Johannesburg

Vanessa’s mentorship has helped shape my life, which was a mess. I have regained my confidence and have recently been promoted to a Marketing Manager....
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Nell H, Johannesburg

I’ve known Vanessa for almost four years and attended two week-end workshops, one of which, (the Aura Workshop, See Yourself as the Angels See You,) helped to change my lifestyle, by giving me confidence and experiences which helped with my day-to-day life. I have had many Tarot readings and Vanessa is always just a phone call away. She is always willing to help. A lovely dynamic person, in her special gentle way!...
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Charene S, Johannesburg

I had some very important realisations (while on the mentoring programme) with you, and so looked forward to each session. The regression we did inspired me to finally take the steps to go to Egypt, which I always wanted to do, and what a profound experience it was! Thank you for your inspiration and love and I hope to spend more time working with you....
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Colleen J, Johannesburg

The mentorship with has Vanessa has been a life-changing experience. She has helped me acknowledge my inner fears, which I was too scared to deal with, hoping they would go away, and they never did until my angels led me to my earth angel! (Vanessa). Once I started dealing with my fears I became a lot stronger. I won’t repeat those old lessons. I’ve not looked back!...
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Antonia B, Johannesburg

During the Aura Workshop - See Yourself as the Angels See You, Vanessa showed me that I was able to connect with that part of myself that has helped me experience my life in a much more positive and responsible way....
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Delina, Johannesburg

The aura painting you did for me was a great inspiration. It was specifically the counseling that went with it and even more so, the ‘homework’ – it created a focus at that point in my life that was sorely needed. Thank you!...
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Individualised spiritual and relationship mentoring : Held on a one-on-one basis at times convenient to you: How do we listen to the whispers of our soul? How do we heal our wounds? How do I meditate? Who are my angels? How do I connect and speak to my angels? What do my dreams mean? Am I spiritual? What is my life purpose? Can I be psychic? Have I lived before?

How often have you asked yourself these questions?

How often have you tried to be at peace, find direction, focus and purpose, only to return to an empty feeling?

Come join me on a one-on-one exploration of focused spiritual growth, connection with Divine, resolution of the past wounds and magical psychic empowerment.

On your journey towards closer connection with your authentic, magical self, you will, amongst many other things:

  • See past lives and the influence they have in the present
  • Get a handle on destructive emotions
  • Learn a phenomenal tool to assist in dealing with issues arising from existing and past relationships
  • Create the future/reality you desire
  • Access creative, psychic and intuitive aspects of self
  • Heal yours and others/relationships See yourself as the angels see you
  • Connect with your guardian angels/spirit guides / those who have passed over / your Inner Child

1-Day Sound Chamber Sound Journey Workshop

Held monthly in an authentic Native American Sound Chamber.Experience the feeling of clearing your aura, balancing your chakras and raising your vibration through the use of sacred sound. Achieve heightened awareness through the power of breath and music. This workshop has been developed to gently clear negative thought patterns, bring up blocked emotions for healing, and lovingly release any issues hindering you on your path to greater awareness. Space limited. Held monthly in an authentic Native American Sound Chamber.

Read more: 1-Day Sound Chamber Sound Journey Workshop


Star Chart Interpretation

Star Chart Interpretation

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression :


  • Who were you in a past life?
  • How is this past life affecting your present?
  • Have you re-connected with your Soul Mate in this lifetime?
  • Discover hidden messgaes and resolve blockages created in a previous lifetime by going back to that time and understanding why it happened
  • Experience a deep and powerful meditation which encourages you to safely go back to a time long past to fully understand yourself, your experiences and your connections in this lifetime

CONTACT NOW Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mobile:+27 071 892 3606


Speaking to your Special Angel

Speak to Your Special Angel:

  • Everyone has a special angel. We called this Holy Being a guardian angel, and we  may have a few. We also have an Ascended Master, and one or more Spirit Guides
  • Discover who of these Divine beings are conencted especially with you and how to communicate with them and hear their messages
  • Discover what special guidance these Holy Being have for you in this lifetime
  • Learn a very powerful meditation which puts you in direct contact with your Divine Support system
  • Find out how to interpret your angels' messages and signs
  • Discover the meaning of angelic signs and symbols

CONTACT NOW Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mobile:+27 071 892 3606


Working with Angel Energy

Working with Angel Energy:

  • Discover what angel energy is
  • Can I feel it? See what it feels like to connect and channel angel energy
  • What particular angel works with me? Who is your healing angel and how to work with this celestial being
  • Learn how to connect with your healing angel to heal traumatic situations with others and yourself

Book Working with Angel Energy

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Mobile:+27 071 892 3606


Angel Communication

Angel Communication and Connection:

  • Learn how to connect with your Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters
  • Discover the roles of these supporting entities and Holy Beings in our lives 
  • Learn how to sense them and feel their presence in your everyday life
  • Who is my special angel, spirit guide, Ascended Master?
  • The best, fun way to connect with your supporting entities
  • Distant healing using the supporting entities 

To Book Angel Communication and Connection


CONTACT NOW Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mobile:+27 071 892 3606


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