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Soul Whisperer Vanessa A’Wakan believes that anyone can live life in effortless delight, with the understanding that we can change the dream and that Spirit is within and without, always guiding, all-seeing, infinitely understanding and supporting.

Learn how to tap into and use your psychic powers, switch on and recognise your intuition, telepathise, meditate, see aura, interpret colours, see and speak to your angels, spirit guides and masters, do distant healing, see the future, change your reality and much, much more in a variety of workshops, retreats and mentorship programmes offered by Vanessa A’Wakan and the Soul Whisperer Institute.

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Only the most powerful, tried-and-tested processes; used by myself to aid me in my own shifts; are provided for you, as a gift to humanity.

Who is the Soul Whisperer?

Vanessa A Wakan

An internationally trained shamanic mentor and qualified Louise Hay Facilitator, public speaker, published author, journalist and English teacher, Vanessa A’Wakan has been facilitating life-changing workshops in England, Scotland and various cities in South Africa for the past 25 years. Today, Vanessa travels to Hawaii once a year for intensive shamanic training and a retreat on the volcanoes with the Huna shamans. A healer, mentor, teacher and spontaneous channel, Vanessa believes that all beings have an inherent spark of magnificence. She has spent the past 25 years leading others to experience this aspect of self.

How do I Soul Whisperer?


I access most of the information that the individual needs to see and hear through the aura. As I start to see what needs to be seen, I immediately start painting the aura painting in front of the individual. The whole of what needs to be worked on, what gifts can be used and what shifts can be experienced in the individual’s life is laid out in brilliant colour.

Always mindful of the sacredness of the soul connection I make, I allow the purest of truth on the deepest level within the aura to flow through to be interpreted in a beautiful pastel painting, edged in silver ink.

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"I think Vanessa is heaven-sent for those who are ready to learn about their life path. (On the mentoring programme) I learned or rather experienced some life’s hardest lessons under her guidance. I came to understand more about my Divine Path. For the first time in my life, I understand me. With Vanessa’s guidance I now have the courage to fulfill my soul purpose. I can now spread my wings and contribute to the Divine, healing Mother Earth and bringing peace and love to Humanity. I am now whole. Thank you, Vanessa!"

Susan M, Johannesburg

"I did the Aura Workshop with Vanessa, which helped me with interpretation and seeing beyond colour alone. Seeing and feeling different dimensions of life and realizing that we are part of the Oneness."

Desiree S, Johannesburg


"I just wanted to say that you have changed my life (through the Aura Workshop and on-going mentoring) by giving me the confidence to trust myself which made me reach my potential. ‘V’, I trust you with my life!"

La F, Johannesburg


"I started seeing V in April 2006and am now a changed person. I was desperately hanging on to a relationship hoping it would make me happy, only to learn that I am responsible for my own happiness. I have met and learned to work with the angels; what an experience! Also finding my life purpose has given me a new experience of my life. V is a wonderful mentor and has not only helped me, but my family as well. For the best ‘PICK ME UP’, I recommend a session with ‘V’ . Thank you!"

Tracey F, Meyerton

"It has been a wonderful journey with you, being exposed to your teachings, thank you!"

Jeffrey H, Johannesburg

"In a money-driven, fast-paced world, it is easy to loose sight of what is real and what is not. Our priorities become driven by material needs. Only when we choose to shift our focus do we find ourselves on a path of self-awareness and change. Some of us are fortunate to find rare and amazing people on this journey of self-discovery. In my life walk, Vanessa is my rare and amazing person. She holds the space in absolute respect for you and allows you to find yourself and your wings. Her knowledge and wisdom is profuse and she commits herself to you and the process (on the mentoring programme) with her all. Thank you, Vanessa."


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