About Me

Vanessa A Wakan

Vanessa A’Wakan is an internationally trained shamanic mentor and qualified Louise Hay facilitator, public speaker, published author, journalist and english teacher. She has facilitated life-changing workshops in England, Scotland and various cities in South Africa for 35 years. Today, Vanessa travels to Hawaii periodically for intensive shamanic training with the Huna shamans on the volcanoes of Hawaii. Her passion is to lead others to experience their higher selves.

Vanessa’s wise ones have spiritual greatness on a level incomprehensible to the human mind; their moral purity is filtered and channeled through her for the higher good. With this, her power and ability to uplift humanity is unmatched. What’s more you have been led to the site for a reason, book now to receive the guidance you need to move forward.

What is a Soul Whisperer?

Soul Whisperers have the ability to see deep into the souls of others; feeling their pain, dreams and needs. This is in no way meant to be intrusive, as this can only be done with good intentions.

A Soul Whisperer can assess your core being and what your soul is here to do, whilst exploring your whole energetic spirit. This then provides insight into your life purpose, issues that are stunting you and holding you back and advice around what you should be doing now or in the future. This knowledge will serve to accelerate your abilities and strengthen your gifts.