Who am I?​

I am Vanessa A’Wakan, a powerful, natural born physic channel, Auric Artist and Soul Whisperer.

I live in South Africa and have always, since the age of 3, been able to see aura, angels, the future, the past, spirit guides and other entities.

I grew up in Rhodesia, mostly in the bush amongst the elephants and other wildlife. My mother taught me up to high school, which was a perfectly normal state of affairs in those days, as there were no formal schools near to where we lived.

I am a journalist by training, having worked myself up from the bottom on some of the major newspapers, internal journals and magazines in both South Africa and Rhodesia.

I always knew I was meant to do something different. From the age of ten years I could feel the pull towards the esoteric and started reading everything esoteric I could find. Thirty years ago, after a lot of searching, I made the decision to pursue the metaphysical almost exclusively.

I gave up ‘working’ and without knowing exactly what I was going to do, started listening to the whispers and following my heart and the calling of the Universe.

Listening to the whispers, the little voice inside, has been a blessing and a curse. It has brought me to this point where I have travelled overseas and given workshops and trainings, attended various talks and festivals, here in South Africa and overseas, and along the way has forced me to let go of aspects of my life I felt were important.

Now my whispers have guided me to an exciting new project that is destined to provide humanity with a huge resource of invaluable training and expansion tools. These wisdoms are different to all the mainstay commercialised trainings offered by many others. I will provide you with all and everything you could possibly need to create the life you want and deserve.