Spiritual and Executive Mentorship Programmes

  • Heal your relationships
  • Get a handle on destructive emotions
  • Learn to deal with issues arising from existing and past relationships
  • Create the future/reality you desire
  • Access the creative, psychic and intuitive aspects of yourself
  • See yourself as the angels see you
  • See past lives
  • Connect with your guardian angel, spirit guides, those who have passed over, and your Inner Child.

Psychic Development Programme

  • Who were you in a past life?
  • How is this past life affecting your present?
  • Have you re-connected with your Soul Mate in this lifetime?
  • Discover hidden messgaes and resolve blockages created in a previous lifetime by going back to that time and understanding why it happened
  • Experience a deep and powerful meditation which encourages you to safely go back to a time long past to fully understand yourself, your experiences and your connections in this lifetime

Visioneering Programme

 Visioneering Programme

Speaking to your Special Angel

  • Everyone has a special angel. We called this Holy Being a guardian angel, and we  may have a few. We also have an Ascended Master, and one or more Spirit Guides
  • Discover who of these Divine beings are conencted especially with you and how to communicate with them and hear their messages
  • Discover what special guidance these Holy Being have for you in this lifetime
  • Learn a very powerful meditation which puts you in direct contact with your Divine Support system
  • Find out how to interpret your angels’ messages and signs
  • Discover the meaning of angelic signs and symbols

Psychic Development Programme


4 week course

  • Tap into and use your psychic powers, switch on and recognise your intuition, telepathise, meditate, see aura, interpret colours, see and speak to your angels, spirit guides and masters, see the future, and change your reality, and more.


Join me on a fun-filled, nuts-and-bolts, no-nonsense 4-week Psychic Intensive, where you will learn the very simple, effective and basic methods of how to tap into and use your psychic powers  

During the 4 weeks I will cover:  

Week 1 (Module I)


·  How do you know you’re intuitive and how do you tell the difference between Ego and Intuition?   

·  Telepathy – the easiest psychic ability to develop    

·  Effective, fun methods and intuitive games to develop telepathy and intuition    

·  The best, most effective way to meditate by experiencing a very deep and powerful meditation    

Week 2 (Module II)

·  What is aura?     

·  All about seeing aura in 20 minutes without looking     

·  Huh? How can you see aura without looking?    

·  The fastest, most accurate way to ‘see’ aura    

·  What does my aura look like? Learn to see and feel your own colour  

·  What do the colours mean? (Colour interpretation) 


Week 3 (Module III)

·  All about Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters     

·  More about the roles of these supporting entities and Holy Beings in our lives    

·  How do we see, speak and hear them?    

·  Who is my Special Angel, Spirit Guide, Ascended Master?    

·  The best, fun way to connect with your supporting entities    

·  Distant healing using the supporting entities


Week 4 (Module IV)

·  Seeing the future    

·  How to see/predict the future for yourself and others     

·  Fun, easy games to help you predict the future    

·  How to use the pendulum to predict the future    

·  The easiest, fastest way of creating your future  

·   Manifestation    

·  What is quantum physical law?    

·  Why can’t I manifest?    

·  The Creation Matrix – The only way to simply manifest what you want using quantum physics – and a little magic!   




The Psychic Development Course is held one-on-one, with individual attention paid to your particular and special requirements, over 4 weeks, 2hrs a week at times most convenient to you.                                  

One weekday night or Saturday morning (approx 3hrs per lession) for 4 weeks starting when it’s convenient to you.

The spiritual investment is R4000 cash.

All manual, CDs, and meditation material will be supplied.

The course comes as a whole entity and is paid for as such.  

Individualised spiritual and relationship mentoring

A targeted development progrogramme of deep spiritual development, growth and awareness: 

How do we listen to the whispers of our soul?

How do we heal our wounds?

How do I meditate? 

Who are my angels?

How do I connect and speak to my angels?

What do my dreams mean? 

Am I spiritual? 

What is intuition?

What is my life purpose? 

Can I be psychic? 

Have I lived before?

How often have you asked yourself these questions?

Thesse are some of the areas we cover in the Mentorship Programme.



An internationally trained shamanic mentor and qualified Louise Hay Facilitator, public speaker, published author, journalist and English teacher, Vanessa A’Wakan has been facilitating these workshops for the past 15 years. With 30 years experience in giving workshops of  all kinds, healing, teaching, and writing, she has been invited and has travelled to England, Scotland and various cities in South Africa to give her life-changing workshops. Vanessa has travelled to Hawaii, where she has had Intensive Shamanic Training and retreated on the volcanoes of Big Island, Hawaii with the Huna shamans. A healer, mentor, teacher and spontaneous channel, Vanessa believes that all beings have an inherent spark of magnificence.  She has spent most of the last 30 years leading others to experience this aspect of self.

Vanessa believes that there is always a way through and employs truth, gentleness, angelic guidance, loving acceptance and her unfailing intuition to guide others to their awakening. Being naturally psychic from a very early age, Vanessa has never been taught any of the techniques she teaches.  Using her wisdom, insight and her life experience of the tried-and-tested effectiveness of her methods, she teaches from the heart, simply, creatively and always with fun in mind!