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Soul Services

One-hour sessions are for an immediate and short-term healing of issues that may plague you at the moment. If it’s guidance or direction or a special message from your angels you need, Soul Whisperer can help.

Maybe you are experiencing a difficult time at the moment and need some understanding about it or maybe you need to release negative patterns that continue to repeat themselves in your life. There may also be someone in your life who you feel very attached to and need to know whether or not they are reincarnated from a previous lifetime. Clearing and balancing your chakra and aura are also vital tools to managing past life energies.

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One-Hour Sessions 60min


These can range from tarot, star chart and angel sessions, to spontaneous channelling, just by talking to you. During the angel sessions, I can channel your angels as well as corresponding messages.

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General Guidance 60min


Here, I can tune into you and tell you what blockages you have, what cycles you’re in and which create repeating patterns in relationships and life in general. I’ll also be able to tell you about your aura and give you insight into the way forward. This session also includes a balancing and clearing, which will help you make better decisions going forward. Book Session

Aura Painting 90min


Ever wondered what your aura looks like? Let me paint your aura and interpret all the colours that come through. You will also receive a special message from your angel, which will be channelled to me in angel script. This is then rendered in silver ink and translated on your painting (channelled advice from your guides is also included.) By the end of the session, you will have a beautiful pastel painting with all your aura colours and interpretations to frame for future reference.

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Past Life Karma Session 90min


Here, I spontaneously channel your previous lifetimes and provide further insight into their significance in this life. I will also be able to see, using astrology, what karma you carry, what keeps you entangled, how you caused it, how to clear it and who in this life are the same roleplayers from a previous life. I will also be able to tell you where your soul is calling you (purpose) and where you will make the most money (vocation).

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Courses – inspired by what I’ve taught myself and learnt on my many travels overseas and to Hawaii – are designed to provide you with long-term healing and an opportunity to consider and transform old patterns. These one-on-one sessions (in 4 week blocks) are tailored to your requirements, content and time-wise, and can cover anything from dealing with the past and the impact of trauma in your present day life, to learning how to use your psychic abilities to developing your spiritual and intuitive self so you can help others in a special way.


Spiritual Development Mentorships

R 4 000 per 4-week block

Would you like a fully rounded introduction to, and guidance around your soul’s calling and the connection with your spiritual self? This course incorporates all my services and teachings into a consolidated programme, broken up into 4-week blocks.

Psychic Development Course

This course takes you through the various modalities and techniques required to see auras, speak to angels/guides and master manifestation. By the end of this course, you will be equipped to see, and speak to your angels/guides/passed loved ones, see auras through walls and manifest.

Visioneering Course and Soul Retrieval

This course takes the gifts from the past, brings them into the present as a present-time experience and then migrates them to future wisdoms. A soul retrieval is then conducted, which frees you from the past for good, helps you clear issues and enhances your intuition. By the end of this course, you’ll have a workable and clear plan for your life.

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