Are you aware of what your soul is telling you? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our-day-to-day lives, we just don’t pay attention. I'm a Soul Whisperer, who uses shamanic principles to connect with you on a very deep level and hear exactly what your soul is telling you - similar to a horse whisperer, but with souls!

Soul Whisperer can help you find exactly what your soul is looking for. The reality is you can live life in effortless delight, with the understanding that you can change the dream and that spirit is within and without, always guiding, all seeing, infinitely understanding and supporting.

Learn how to tap into, and use your psychic powers; switch on and recognise your intuition; telepathise; meditate; see aura; interpret colours; see and speak to your angels, spirit guides and masters; perform distant healing; see the future; change your reality and much, much more. All this can be achieved through Soul Whisperer’s courses and mentorship programmes.

Vanessa A Wakan

Who is Soul Whisperer?

Vanessa A’Wakan has more than 35 years’ experience as a  healer, mentor, teacher and spontaneous channeler and believes that all beings have an inherent spark of magnificence. She has helped many in their quest for understanding and discovering their place in the spiritual cosmos.

Sessions and Courses

From spontaneous channeling to tailored mentorship programmes, there’s something on offer for everyone - even if you are just starting your spiritual journey. Click on your area of interest to find out more:


"After suffering from severe depression, Soul Whisperer was able to provide invaluable advice and ongoing healing. Vanessa genuinely cares about her clients and their wellbeing!"

Jodi Smith

"It was amazing what Soul Whisperer could tell me about my past life karma and why I constantly repeat the same patterns. I am now able to attract the right people into my life and make better decisions going forward!"

Dan Dukes

"Soul Whisperer is the real deal! Everything that was revealed during my tarot reading has come true and I now have a solid plan when it comes to my career path"

Lily Wilde