What is a soul whisperer?

There is no one word at the moment that describes what I do. I have looked deep inside myself to find a word for this special brand of mysticism.

Soul Whispering is like horse whispering, only with souls!

I have the ability to see deep into the souls of others. I can feel their pain, dreams, needs. This is no way meant to be intrusive, as I can only do this work from the highest intent.

I can assess your core being and what your soul is here to do. I evaluate you as a whole entity, and address all aspects of your humanness. I explore your whole energetic spirit.

While talking to your energies I gain insight into your life purpose, issues that are stunting you and holding you back, and what you should be doing now or in the future. With all the information I gather from you I am able to give you a comprehensive guidance session and provide you with all that you are required to know at that time that will amplify your abilities and strengthen your gifts. Whatever priority is, I will empathise exactly what needs to be done. This will facilitate an easy introduction into explanations on how you fit into the bigger picture and how, as well as what you need to be doing, now and in the future.