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What's on offer

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9am - 5pm on Weekends
Transformational Meditation
Master Class
Mentorship Programme
Aura Painting
Shining Tribe Community
Sound Journey Breathwork
Weekly Meditation
Psychic Development
Body, aura cleansing & Chakra alignment
You Can See Aura Without Looking!
Visioneering Programme
Angel Communication & Connection
Past Life Regression
Working with Angel Energy
Spontaneous Channelling
Speaking to Your Special Angel
Past Life Regression
Star Chart Interpretation


An internationally trained shamanic mentor and qualified Louise Hay Facilitator, public speaker, published author, journalist and English teacher, Vanessa A’Wakan has been facilitating these workshops for the past 20 years. With 30 years experience in giving workshops of  all kinds, healing, teaching, and writing, she has been invited and has travelled to England, Scotland and various cities in South Africa to give her life-changing workshops. Vanessa has visited Hawaii where she has undergone an Intensive Shamanic Training and a retreat on the volcanoes of Big Island with the Huna shamans. A healer, mentor, teacher and spontaneous channel, Vanessa believes that all beings have an inherent spark of magnificence.  She has spent most of the last 30 years leading others to experience this aspect of self.

Vanessa believes that there is always a way through and employs truth, gentleness, angelic guidance, loving acceptance and her unfailing intuition to guide others to their awakening.Being naturally psychic from a very early age, Vanessa has never been taught any of the techniques she teaches.  Using her wisdom, insight and her life experience of the tried-and-tested effectiveness of her methods, she teaches from the heart, simply, creatively and always with fun in mind!


Email vanessa@soulwhisperer.co.za

Mobile:+27 071 892 3606